Repair SQL Server

The database comprises numerous files that may contain some sensitive data. Corruption of such files may lead to disaster. This disaster may also affect the SQL database by preventing .NDF and .MDF file from getting open. It is well-known that corruption happens when alien binary code gets insert into regular file code. This discrepancy creates havoc and restrict user from accessing the concerned files. Therefore, it is always recommended to have a backup of all files, so that system can be refurnished with such files on an immediate basis.

Knowing the SQL Server Strategy

SQL Server, like other servers, serves as a post-office to exchange the files. Moreover, it simply restores and retrieves the data whenever requested by the user. This exchange is recorded by the server by using three important files, namely: 1. Primary data file, and 2. Secondary data files having extension .MDF and .NDF.

MDF file extension stands for Master data file that stores tables, views, triggers etc. when database is created using command. NDF is optional and used to store data and can be accessed at any time when needed. read more

When you face an error message ‘824’ on to the Windows Application event log or in your SQL Server error log, then certainly SQL Server has detected some logical consistency check fails upon writing or reading a database page.

Error 824 is a logical I/O error and associated with Windows API calls. SQL server performs the I/O operations like WriteFileGather, ReadFile, WriteFile, ReadFileScatter, using Windows API’s. While performing this operation, the server verifies for any unfavorable conditions or errors linked with these Windows API. If the API calls fail with an OS error then SQL server encounters Error 823, but if these Windows API calls succeed without transferring the complete data, then then SQL Server throws this Error 824 for the logical inconsistency error. read more

SQL Server is a database management system developed by software giant Microsoft. First introduced in late 80s, the server is primarily used for storing and retrieving data. To store data, SQL Server uses three types of files:

  • Primary files (MDF)
  • Secondary files (NDF)
  • Log files (LDF)

Files with .MDF extension are primary data files of SQL Server. MDF files store user data and objects such as Functions, Tables, Indexes, Rules, Default values, Keys, Triggers, Views, Columns, Stored Procedures, etc. MDF files also store startup information for the database. Every database has one primary file. read more